New member campaign

What if 2020 was the best of times to connect?

When 2020 started, like many organizations: we were caught up in a whirlwind, and everything we had taken for granted was turned upside down.

For IPPAG: this meant not being able to hold the annual meetings that regularly bring our member companies together from all around the world.

And it also meant that these member companies were struggling, and that we needed to be there for them more than ever.

So we focused on taking ‘intensive care’ of our member companies, and put other projects, like integrating new members, on hold.

6 months later and 6 months wiser:

we’ve realized that 2020 and the year ahead are in fact the best of times to open the doors of our group, and travel to new territories!

2020 has in fact been a fantastic year for IPPAG…

We are more active, and creating more value for our member companies than ever.

Our four pillars “IPPAG shares, IPPAG exchanges, IPPAG has Vision, and IPPAG Cares” are proving to be essential.


So: we’d like to offer you the opportunity to join our organization.

No company should be alone in these times.

And despite not being able to hold physical meetings, as a global organization spread over all continents:

collaborating online efficiently and creatively has become our day to day.

We’re offering special first time membership conditions for 2021 and would be delighted to discuss this with you: florence.mosnier@ippag.maudesign.website