Rising to the challenge of worthwhile and effective connections online

Last week marked an epic “first-time” for IPPAG: as we hosted our first Virtual Partner Supplier fair.

To our deep regret, we haven’t been able to meet as usual @PSI and we know that the April @HKTDC fairs are unlikely to happen for a second year: so we needed to reinvent.

And to be honest: when we first started considering a virtual space as an alternative to our annual gatherings with our Partners: we weren’t very convinced or keen. Within the multitude of online events and formats that have sprung up these past months: we weren’t sure where we fit in, or whether we even wanted to.

However, we’re super pleased to report that whilst ‘online’ will never replace ‘in person’: if you embrace it as an opportunity, really rethink and reset your objectives AND find the right platform to enable them: ‘online’ definitely has its merits…

Our virtual fair hosted on the Hopin platform (https://hopin.com/): adapted to and optimised the way we connect. During the course of a day, IPPAG participants from all around the world (and many more than those who would normally travel to attend our events): had a beautifully curated space where they could visit our Partners virtual booths, get all the latest on product ranges and new designs / attend a series of seamless and well moderated live sessions according to their interests / interact and conduct one on one meetings with the people they needed to talk to.

All within the space of a few hours, across time zones, on an easy to use and fun platform.

The objectives we had set were for each person attending to: learn something new (educational content and industry focused speakers) / find a new product they had never seen (partner supplier expo space) / and to start or strengthen their collaboration (online chats and one to one appointments), but also… and most importantly… to ENJOY themselves…

The feedback has been tremendous…

“best virtual fair I have attended (and I have been to a lot)…”

“beautiful organization and experience which comes as a fantastic surprise, well done”

“unbelievably great performance today: from the idea to the implementation”


So looking back at where we started: we’re really proud of this achievement, and would like to thank the 250 people that took part!

IPPAG is committed to creating and delivering value for its members and partners and for our industry, at a time where we all need it most. So here’s to a very successful first, which will by no means be the last!