IPPAG members reunited in Poland.

After a prolonged period of online meetings and postponed events: IPPAG members were delighted to have the opportunity to meet up and connect in Poland last month.

Thanks to our very dynamic hosts: the RemaDays fair which covers Gifts, Textiles and Print with a very wide scope of local manufacturers, and the PSP show organized by Ooh Magazine which offers a curated selection of specialized suppliers and networking. Combined with outstanding Polish hospitality: throughout the day and in the evenings.

IPPAG members from the UK, Belgium, Sweden, Holland, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Romani, Denmark and Austria all recognize the increasing value and importance of Polish manufacturing capabilities within our industry. Higher quality, lower carbon consumption, and rapid production are all very significant advantages: helping our members to activate necessary changes to their supply chains.

Several of our member companies had attended the same events in previous years: and they all noted the increasing professionalism and opportunities offered.

As many are transitioning their supply chains away from the Far East and China: Poland serves as a secure and dynamic production hub.

We hope to return next year with even more member companies