IPPAG London meetings

IPPAG members meet up 3 times a year to share best practices, exchange case stories and discuss all aspects of the promotional items business.

This year’s Autumn meeting was hosted by our UK member company Lesmar and held in the beautiful setting of Marlow, by the River Thames, just outside of London.

Lesmar was founded in 1947, and has been an IPPAG member since 2010.


Members from around the world assembled to take part in a two-day strategic workshop: looking at the future of our industry:

‘Beyond Product’: “what solutions can we create for tomorrow, in a market that is characterised by digital change, consolidation, changing consumer behaviour and growing challenges”.

Our Managers examined the very essence and purpose of their companies: ‘why do we do what we do?’…

Group meetings were also held for IPPAG’s best Sales people from around the world: also looking at the necessary transition from selling products to providing solutions.

Sessions were also held on the various IPPAG projects that bind the group:

Our CSR initiative and BSCI membership / IPPAG marketing tools and platforms / our Partner Suppliers / and our plans for a Social Project in 2018.

Always a meeting highlight: members also take the time to share best case stories from recent months: with mcs K&R, Belgium / Zinc, Australia / and mcs, Germany taking the coveted IPPAG awards for ‘Most Innovative Promotional Solution’ / Best marketing campaign / and ‘Most original Product Idea’

We also had the pleasure of getting a formal introduction to our newest IPPAG members: BeGlobal Promotions (Netherlands), Chilli Ideas (Romania), Goldenberry (Poland) and Zinc China (China) with insights into their companies key strengths.