IPPAG is proud to support the 2018 IPPAG Convergences Awards

 The 2018 IPPAG Convergences Awards:

At IPPAG, we want to:

act more… / act better… / act differently…

… by investing together to offset our activities and give back.

We want our chosen project / supported charity to be:

feasible… / relevant… / impactful… / and effective…

And that’s why we have teamed up with Convergences:

an international think-tank focused on advocacy and mobilisation to promote the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the development of a “Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty” world.

Every year, the Convergences Awards reward the best projects initiated by public, private and solidarity-based partners seeking to build a fair and sustainable future. Award winners receive multiple benefits:

  • A financial donation to support their project
  • Visibility, networking, support and mentoring

IPPAG is proud to be supporting and sponsoring this years Convergences Awards: All of the IPPAG member companies and our Partner Suppliers are getting involved and you can too!

The first step, which is now launched, is the call out for applications:

This is for projects that are connected to the following UN SGS

We will prioritise projects in low cost production countries most relevant to IPPAG

Other criteria:

  • high social and/or environmental impact
  • innovative and replicable
  • projects carried out by solidarity-based organisations in partnership with other public or private organisations
  • 2 years of existence
  • Economic viability
  • Effective impact measurement process and sustainability demonstration

Applications platform:


More info:


Ref Rules and Procedures for applications:

Once project applications are closed and validated, at a later stage, our members and the public will be called upon to vote for their favoured project…

An international jury will also assess the projects and place their official vote: leading to a semi finale, and then a finale…

The award-winning project will be announced in June, and will then be presented at the Convergences World Forum in September.

IPPAG and its member companies will continue to lend their support to the designated charity project.