From physical to online: how we’ve been holding our meetings in 2020

Like other organizations all over the world, the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our ‘usual’ way of doing things…

For us, this has meant not holding our annual meetings.

But being online, doesn’t mean not being together!

Instead we have been challenged to find new and in fact better ways to continue to “share / exchange / have vision / and care” all together.

Since March: IPPAG members have never been so connected.

Our monthly group calls became weekly and we’ve hosted a series of innovative and inspiring online events.

We alternate between internal catch-ups and inviting in external speakers from within and outside our industry to gain extra perspectives.

We’ve used facilitators to transfer processes online, with the advantage of opening up our circles to include people who wouldn’t normally attend our physical meetings.

And most importantly: we’ve all been supporting each other, learning from each countries situation.

And just like in our physical meetings: we’ve also sparked a bit of magic along the way: looking beyond the current pandemic to the future we can all create together:

“Togetherness as a lifeline: for IPPAG and its members to survive… and thrive… How can we help each other meet the future?”