The new IPPAG trendbook is here!

IPPAG is proud to present it’s mid year trendbook: showcasing a combination of the best new items from the Hong Kong ‘Gifts and Premiums’ Fair and from our Partner Suppliers. This edition consists of 6 exciting themes:

“Let’s Journey to a better place”

because it’s not only about the destination, it’s also the journey that counts…

“Let’s Party everyday”

because everyday should be a celebration and a reminder of all we have to be thankful for…

“Let’s Rethink”

because turning things upside down and inside out, and breaking from the mould unleashes creativity

“Let’s Stay Fit & be Energised”

because the best vibes and motivation come from feeling fit, healthy and fabulous

“Let’s Communicate with care”

because ‘mis’ communication is in fact increasing in our overloaded world: let’s nurture what matters most

“Let’s work better together”

because cooperation and sharing are the best stepping stones towards satisfaction and success

Contact your IPPAG member to use these products in your campaigns…