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IPPAG Cooperative potential member company profile:

Well established promotional items distributors/wholesalers with a leading position in their market, with good marketing and a broad prospective. Modern, creative and dynamic companies who would like to grow through IPPAG sharing.


How can IPPAG’s activities benefit you?

  • Think of the IPPAG Cooperative as a toolbox: giving you the means to improve your company’s performance and expertise.
  • At the same time, IPPAG is a wonderful cultural and professional experience: allowing you to learn and understand how people do your business across the globe
  • And finally: IPPAG is a unique breeding ground for ideas, innovation and excellence: placing you at the top of our industry and your national / global market

Why is IPPAG special?

Unlike similar organisations, IPPAG sharing does not limit itself to purchasing: The communication channels between members are fully open, and all members are very keen to share expertise and competences in all key business areas.

With their similar profiles, IPPAG members share common clients and sales targets. Therefore, the focus is on gaining better sales efficiency as a group rather than an individual is high. IPPAG members provide their services to numerous international brands on a global basis, and regional or joint collaboration on key accounts is common (see

The managers and owners of each IPPAG member company all share common goals and face the same daily challenges: their high levels of exchange allow them to learn how to better themselves and their companies though the experiences of others. IPPAG holds ‘Open Forum’ / ‘Mastermind’ type meeting sessions for managers: with a very wide and high level of exchanges.

An IPPAG manager is a globally aware manager.

And an IPPAG company is not just limited to its local knowledge and experience: each member is an active part of a bigger and stronger entity.


Why are IPPAG member companies ahead of the rest?

As well as having a well established and enforced Code of Conduct, and being a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative, IPPAG has implemented a unique and advanced CSR Corporate Social Responsibility program. In response to increasing demands from major clients and international brands, and in line with IPPAG’s commitment to responsible importing, certified self assessments and social audits have been carried out with IPPAG's Partner suppliers, and IPPAG is also focusing its general sourcing on audited factories. This gives IPPAG the most appropriate and the best of capabilities in terms of insuring high quality and safe sourcing for all products.

IPPAG is not just an association: it's a 'label': that gives each of its members valued and verified recognition within the promotions industry.


Note on requirements, costs and membership fees:

  • There is one IPPAG Cooperative member per country
  • We require our members to attend our bi-annual meetings: Hong Kong in April / Host country in September
  • And to respond to information queries, participate in projects as necessary, and regularly interact with central IPPAG management and your fellow members.

(More information can be provided upon demand)

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