New additions to IPPAG the family

IPPAG is delighted to announce some new additions to the family!

We have the pleasure of welcoming new IPPAG members from:

– Israel: Tavor Advertising: www.nextd.co.il

– the USA: Brand Fuel: www.brandfuel.com

– and Nigeria: Coloured Spaces: www.colouredspaces.com

Our newcomers will all be with us at our meetings in Hong Kong at the end of this month.

Over 130 people from all across the world will be joining IPPAG for a series of exciting and inspiring events: our General Managers meeting, our Partner Supplier reception, and various group discussions and panels.

IPPAG currently has official members in 33 countries. 

We don’t look for the biggest companies: we look for the best. And it’s not about putting flags on a map! 

We look for members that will be fully engaged, and committed: so they can truly benefit from the value-driven activities and resources we coordinate.

Companies that are forward-thinking and dynamic, who are keen to bring their ideas to the table, and to gain inspiration, guidance and expertise in return: by interacting with their fellow international IPPAG members.

We’re therefore very proud to add Tavor Advertising, Brand Fuel and Coloured Spaces to the IPPAG family!