Football Fever is upon us!

Most countries are now qualified for the 2018 World Cup in Russia: 

so it’s a great time to communicate about this and start to prepare campaigns!

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IPPAG’s ‘Football Fever’ collection is intentionally NOT a products collection: we have put together something a bit different and that goes further: showing campaign ideas.

IPPAG and its members are dedicated to “managing the complexity of promotional marketing through desirable solutions to enhance your brand”®.

We make your choices SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, and RISK FREE

We bring you creative SOLUTIONS and innovative CAMPAIGNS

And we focus on YOUR OBJECTIVES: maximised impact, brand appreciation, and emotions.”

As the most popular global sporting event: the football World Cup is a unique opportunity to make connections, share emotions, and drive your brand.

Football has the power to bind together friends, families, work colleagues, communities and whole nations: all in support of their team.

It goes beyond the sport itself, beyond the pitch, and beyond the goals and scores.

‘Football Fever’ promotional marketing must also reach beyond all this.

Be memorable, be different, and stand out from the crowd… 

We can all be World Cup winners 🙂