All you want for Christmas is here…

IPPAG brings you it latest ‘end of year’ trendbook: showcasing the best products from our Partner Suppliers and upcoming trends. Following on from our two previous editions: ‘Connect’ and ‘Visualize’, this latest edition is titled ‘Feel’ and features the following themes:

“Rejoice, celebrate and spread the Christmas cheer”

the end of year season is a prime time to communicate: to thank those you hold dear and show you care… but say it well and say it from the heart

“Share a meal and much more”

come together, by sharing food, beverages and treats: they say food is the quickest route to the soul…

“Special gifts for special moments”

a gift is a true expression of thanks and appreciation: and has value that goes beyond the physical, to touch the emotional

“New Years Resolutions: make some promises for a bright and shining 2018”

for a better you! You may not keep all your resolutions but our selection can help you along the way 🙂

“The future is… 2018!’

what’s in store…? At IPPAG we like to be early adopters: so follow us to be ahead of the curve…