IPPAG India Meetings

For their 2019 annual meetings: IPPAG members from all around the world converged in India, at the invitation of Gifting Ideas

In line with IPPAG’s focus for the year, General Manager Florence Mosnier had drawn up a program centering on Sustainability. Members from all IPPAG countries have fully recognized the upmost importance of this issue. We see this impacting end-user and client behavior in all markets, and personally affecting our member companies: our managers and their staff at all levels.

IPPAG is endeavoring to embrace this global call for Sustainability: by raising awareness, providing guidance and helping its members, but also all its partners, to step up to the challenge. We seek to drive positive change throughout our industry.

Within the breathtaking setting of the Neemrana Fort in Rajasthan and building on the strength and value of local knowledge: the group welcomed a selected panel of Indian Partner Suppliers: and listened to their perspectives on what Sustainability means to them, and how this is incorporated into their businesses.

The conversation was then directed towards the Indian mindset of ‘Jugaad’ or ‘Frugal Innovation’ which is highly relevant and inspirational in the context of bettered Sustainability. As a country, India has always operated with this mindset: ‘seeking opportunity in adversity / doing more with less / thinking and acting flexibly / and keeping it simple’.

Members were able to apply these principles to their own processes, particularly regarding product selection: by co-creating a ‘PLE(A)SE be more SUSTAINABLE’ scorecard: a thought process that can be applied to all product choices by looking at ‘Packaging / Location / Essentiality / Alternatives / Story / and End of life…’

Making better choices, product by product, combined with an unwavering focus on ‘Audience – Intent – and Purpose’ is the key to more Sustainable practices within our Industry, and IPPAG is supporting its members, partners and suppliers to do so.

The week continued with member testimonies on their latest company highlights: again with a focus on Sustainability: sharing internal plans, client campaigns, and supplier collaborations.

IPPAG’s annual Autumn meeting is also the opportunity to dig deep into how each of our member companies are led: and the week culminated in a workshop orchestrated by a renowned Indian speaker Nilima Bhat, a leading figure in the Conscious Capitalism movement and author of ‘Shakti Leadership’:  a concept that reaches into ancient spiritual and mythical teachings: to revive feminine qualities in leadership: generative, cooperative, creative, and empathetic. As explained by IPPAG’s Chairman Mr Thomas Davidsson (Wackes AB, Sweden): ‘with Sustainability as the top challenge for our industry, and being in India: we felt that it was the right time and place to explore this theme. A well-known quote from Albert Einstein says that ‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it’ and this was perfectly experienced throughout our week in India.’

 For General Manager Florence Mosnier, who was also celebrating her ten years with the group, with its wide scope of activities and committed efforts, IPPAG is truly embodying its four pillars:

‘IPPAG shares, IPPAG exchanges, IPPAG has Vision and IPPAG Cares.’

‘Our India meetings were the culmination of several years of discussions on the future of our industry and how each and every individual can and must play their part. Leaders are those who ‘know the way, go the way and show the way’: which is what IPPAG stands for in this industry.’



During IPPAG’s Annual General Assembly in Hong Kong on April 26th, with members assembled from 33 countries: a new IPPAG Board was appointed.

Mr Thomas Davidsson (Wackes,Sweden), is taking over as IPPAG Chairman from Mr Thibaut Fontaine (mcs Kick&Rush, Belgium) after the completion of his four year term.

Also elected, and joining Mrs Fanny MARTIN  (Versopub, Mauritius) on our Board are : Mr Wolfgang Bosch (Mitraco, Austria) and Mr Byron Chavarria ( Gimmick Company, Guatemala)

Alongside his Board members, and the IPPAG central office, Thomas Davidsson will be steering IPPAG within the new paradigms of our industry and global economy: with a chosen focus on Sustainability. Under his guidance, IPPAG continues to create a forum for its Members and Partners to think big and expand their perspectives: uniting the best minds in our industry, and designing the future.

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New additions to IPPAG the family

IPPAG is delighted to announce some new additions to the family!

We have the pleasure of welcoming new IPPAG members from:

– Israel: Tavor Advertising: www.nextd.co.il

– the USA: Brand Fuel: www.brandfuel.com

– and Nigeria: Coloured Spaces: www.colouredspaces.com

Our newcomers will all be with us at our meetings in Hong Kong at the end of this month.

Over 130 people from all across the world will be joining IPPAG for a series of exciting and inspiring events: our General Managers meeting, our Partner Supplier reception, and various group discussions and panels.

IPPAG currently has official members in 33 countries. 

We don’t look for the biggest companies: we look for the best. And it’s not about putting flags on a map! 

We look for members that will be fully engaged, and committed: so they can truly benefit from the value-driven activities and resources we coordinate.

Companies that are forward-thinking and dynamic, who are keen to bring their ideas to the table, and to gain inspiration, guidance and expertise in return: by interacting with their fellow international IPPAG members.

We’re therefore very proud to add Tavor Advertising, Brand Fuel and Coloured Spaces to the IPPAG family!


IPPAG Barcelona Meetings

IPPAG’s 2018 Autumn meetings were hosted by our Spanish member ‘Promositem’ in the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region: Barcelona!

We had a record attendance with over 120 participants from 30+ countries joining our 3 days of invigorating and inspirational workshops.

L’image contient peut-être : 3 personnes, personnes souriantes, stade, foule et plein air

The week kicked off with an open format Sales workshop: allowing our top account managers from around the world to step out of their day to day and take things to the next level:  exploring the exponential potential of key account business.

Our IPPAG managers then participated in a ‘Digitalisation and the Future of our Industry’ workshop hosted by Professor Tim Bruysten: who helped us draw a roadmap for ‘being a company owner / manager in the digital age’.  Another day filled with expertise and creativity, discoveries and shared learning. As part of IPPAGs focus on ‘IPPAG has Vision’, one of our 4 pillars: the workshop was exclusively opened to selected industry guests: key Partner Suppliers, press and industry colleagues, and dedicated specialists.

As the leading industry Think Tank: IPPAG aims to create synergies and unleash potential: starting by getting the best minds in the industry in the same room.

We then closed the week with an internal workshop on company purpose and sustainability: all linked to the 4 IPPAG pillars:

– IPPAG shares: Case stories, member highlights and best practices

– IPPAG exchanges: CoDev groups, resources and platforms

– IPPAG has vision: Digitalisation, Purpose, Future of the Industry

– IPPAG cares: CSR + Sustainability / IPPAG BSCI program + IPPAG Convergences Awards: WEEECAM

And as usual, our members presented the best of what they’ve been doing for the last few months: with CIPI (Italy) / mcs (Germany) / and Prominate (UK) winning the IPPAG awards for ‘Most original Product Idea’/  ‘Most Innovative Promotional Solution’ / and ‘Best marketing campaign’

L’image contient peut-être : 4 personnes, personnes souriantes, personnes debout et intérieur

A wonderful week filled with vast amounts of knowledge, shared experience and expertise and the creation of valuable connections.

IPPAG: because ‘Together is better’

Photo Credits: (WA Media GmbH © 2018)


The 2018 IPPAG Convergences Awards: We have a winner

The 2018 IPPAG Convergences Awards: we have our winner!

At IPPAG, we want to: act more… / act better… / act differently…
… by investing together to offset our activities and give back.

That’s why, this year, we have teamed up with Convergences: an international think-tank focused on advocacy and mobilisation to promote the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the development of a “Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty” world.



Projects were submitted from around the world, and out of these: 25 were qualified for the 2018 IPPAG Convergences Awards. After a phase of online voting from the public, our Jury composed of public, private, institutional and charity sector representatives shortlisted 5 projects, which were all further reviewed during a semi finale.

We are therefore now delighted to announce that the winner of the 2018 IPPAG Convergences Awards is ‘PROJECT WEEECAM’ a sustainable e-waste recycling initiative in Cameroon.

WEEECAM received the award during a ceremony in Paris at the annual International Convergences Forum on September 3rd, and will also benefit from a financial grant, on-going support from IPPAG and Convergences: visibility, networking and mentorship…

The WEEECAM project aims to design and set up a large-scale, sustainable WEEE recycling activity in Cameroon. The ultimate goal is to demonstrate that the sustainable recycling of WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) can be profitable in developing countries today.

The objective is a large-scale, replicable activity of e-waste collection and recycling in Cameroon’s two major urban areas. 10.000 tons of WEEE will be recycled over a 5 year period.

IPPAG and its members wanted the award winning project to be:

Feasible, Relevant, Impactful, and Effective

…….and WEEECAM fits our criteria perfectly.

IPPAG and its members have adopted standards for the safety, quality and integrity of our products and processes and we are committed to respecting not only the rights of individuals, but also of our environment.

The United Nations University (UNU) estimates that the global flow of electronic waste, or WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment), was 41.8 million metric tons in 2014, with an estimated growth rate of 4-5% per year. This specific type of waste poses a serious threat to human health and the environment.

WEEECAM and IPPAG believe that the sustainable recycling of WEEE can be viable in developing countries, and that this emerging global threat can be turned into a driver of green growth

At IPPAG, we are very proud to be supporting this project. The expected outcomes include:

  •  the ecological treatment of 10.000 tons of hazardous waste
  •  the sale of thousands of tons of strategic raw materials and tens of thousands of refurbished appliances
  •  the creation of 157 local full-time jobs as well as hundreds of contract jobs
  • improved income and working conditions for informal e-waste workers
  • and a carbon offset close to 100.000 tons.

To find out more about this project (English version pending):



2018 is…


We are proud to present IPPAG’s latest trendbook: showcasing the best promotional marketing ideas from around the world… 


IPPAG members manage the complexity of promotional marketing with desirable solutions to enhance your brand®… 

How? By keeping a close eye on what’s trending… and helping you to maximise impact.

Check out our new trendbook here and follow us to be ahead of the curve…




IPPAG Hong Kong Meetings

In parallel to the yearly HKTDC Gifts & Premiums fair which is the prime sourcing event in our industry, IPPAG and its members once again had the opportunity to meet up in Hong Kong for our General Assembly and a series of meetings and events.

Board elections were held:

– Mr Thibaut Fontaine has been renewed as Chairman of the Board for 2018

– and Mr Kaspar Benz (Pandinavia, Switzerland) was elected in replacement of Mr Andy Ducksbury (Lesmar, UK).

Our meetings then covered a series of IPPAG updates followed by a presentation by guest speakers Mr Paul Bellatone / Mr Dale Denham from PPAI giving us updates on the US Promotional Products industry.

Focus on the US continued with a presentation from Mr Jeff Lederer, Prime Resources giving his fellow members valuable insight on the strategies and changes that have led to his company’s success.

Best case stories from the past months were then presented showcasing the best of member’s sales operations, products, and creative ideas


The day rounded off with our official IPPAG dinner in a friendly and lively atmosphere and with our awards ceremony:

Congrats to our Best case stories winners:

– Chilli Ideas, Romania for the ‘Most innovative Promotional solution’

– Gimmick company, Guatemala for the ‘Most original product idea’

– Pandinavia, Switzerland for the ‘Best marketing Campaign’

IPPAG also hosted a Partner Supplier reception at the HKCEC on April 27th. This event is an opportunity for our members to meet with our dedicated, trustworthy and long term Partner Suppliers to develop existing ties and create new ones. Partner Suppliers are also rewarded for their collaboration with IPPAG members over the year with social awards for the best resultsn the best progress, the best CSR status and the best creative capabilities.

Last of IPPAG’s events in Hong Kong was our traditional ‘Products’ meeting where our members exchanged the latest and most inspiring products they found during the fair: this will be the source for our upcoming IPPAG ‘trends’ collection! Keep a lookout…


IPPAG is proud to support the 2018 IPPAG Convergences Awards

 The 2018 IPPAG Convergences Awards:

At IPPAG, we want to:

act more… / act better… / act differently…

… by investing together to offset our activities and give back.

We want our chosen project / supported charity to be:

feasible… / relevant… / impactful… / and effective…

And that’s why we have teamed up with Convergences:

an international think-tank focused on advocacy and mobilisation to promote the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the development of a “Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty” world.

Every year, the Convergences Awards reward the best projects initiated by public, private and solidarity-based partners seeking to build a fair and sustainable future. Award winners receive multiple benefits:

  • A financial donation to support their project
  • Visibility, networking, support and mentoring

IPPAG is proud to be supporting and sponsoring this years Convergences Awards: All of the IPPAG member companies and our Partner Suppliers are getting involved and you can too!

The first step, which is now launched, is the call out for applications:

This is for projects that are connected to the following UN SGS

We will prioritise projects in low cost production countries most relevant to IPPAG

Other criteria:

  • high social and/or environmental impact
  • innovative and replicable
  • projects carried out by solidarity-based organisations in partnership with other public or private organisations
  • 2 years of existence
  • Economic viability
  • Effective impact measurement process and sustainability demonstration

Applications platform:


More info:


Ref Rules and Procedures for applications:

Once project applications are closed and validated, at a later stage, our members and the public will be called upon to vote for their favoured project…

An international jury will also assess the projects and place their official vote: leading to a semi finale, and then a finale…

The award-winning project will be announced in June, and will then be presented at the Convergences World Forum in September.

IPPAG and its member companies will continue to lend their support to the designated charity project.

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