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June 2017
Chick themed egg shaped plastic container

One of the world's largest snack companies was looking for an Easter gift item that would give them shelf presence and stand out from the crowded Easter Egg Gift Market. They needed a design that would be eye catching and appeal to both children and adults alike to be stocked in 2 key Australian retailers.

Our member from Australia,  Zinc, created a 3D functional product from their popular Cadbury Chick character. Zinc's creative approach was to make it look as though the Chick was breaking out from the egg shell. They then used embossed lettering to make the artwork pop on the product.

This product was first created in 2016 as an exclusive item for the two key Australia retailers. All 77,000 units ordered for Easter 2016 sold out, promoting to reorder 106,200 units for 2017 – an increase of 38% year on year. 

Facemat X-mas Beer

A swiss beer company  was searching for an innovative and funny new restaurant, bar and pub item for their upcoming Christmas beer campaign.
Our member from Switzerland, Pandinavia, figured out that custom facematts could be a perfect fit as they add great fun to the usually rather boring standard drinking coaster. There might be no better way to promote a beer brand on a dinner or bar table than with a creative custom facematt that is served with every single ordered beer or other beverage.

January 2017
IPhone Alco tester

Mitraco Geschenkartikel Vertrieb GmH, our IPPAG representative from Austria, has recently been receiving a large number of inquiries for alcohol testers from various clients. One of these is the Kronen Zeitung, the biggest daily newspaper in their country.

To cater to their clients’ numerous inquiries and the strong demand, Mitraco sourced out the market and found a fascinating item that fits the bill: the “iPhone Alco Tester” device.

To check someone’s alcohol consumption, the user simply needs to plug the device to an IPhone. No need for batteries! There is also an available option to use it with other brands of mobile phone, such as Samsung: the specific tooling can be developed within 25 days for 3000 pcs.

The Alco Tester has a 3-digit LCD display and 3 result backlights that indicate the users Blood Alcohol Content (BAC): - the GREEN light which stands for “Safety <0.02% BAC” - the ORANGE light which represents “Caution 0.02 – 0.05% BAC” - and the RED light which signals “Danger >0.05% BAC”. Upon plugging in, the device simply needs to warm up for 10 seconds, and then, when activated, it displays the users’ alcohol level in less than 5 seconds.

With this device which comes with free key chain, users can measure anyone’s alcohol intake anytime, anywhere! Making this an essential road companion.

’Lento’ Design Smoke Alarm

 Upholding the principle that “Safety doesn't happen by accident”, Mastermark, our IPPAG member in Finland have had considerable success in promoting an original but rather unusual promotional product: a design smoke alarm. Many clients wish to purchase gifts that ’show they care’ and this smoke alarm has a broad appeal: not only for insurance or home supplies companies, but also a wide range of activities.

With approximately 40 salesmen who have great confidence in the product, Mastermark was able to position it in the market hitting a year-end sale of 30,000 pieces in Finland alone. 
Why is this smoke alarm different from regular models? Rather than just being a discreet and unexciting utlility product, the ’Lento’ smoke alarm is designed in the shape of a moth: sliently watching over a household and its family. Functionality has also been optimised with the whole surface serving as a test button, and the whole external casing can be pressed to silence false alarms and test its performance. In addition to these special features, it is easily installed, lightweight and has a 5 year battery life.
Due to the success of the ’Lento’ moth model, Mastermark forged ahead by introducing the Lento’s counterpart in the early part of this year: the ’Kupu’ Design Smoke Alarm with a dome shape. Mastermark is currently offering both Design Smoke Alarms all throughout Europe as part of their B2B marketing. 

CIPI SPA, the IPPAG member from Italy, prepared this in-store promotion action for their client who wanted to promote sales of a detergent by giving away a free gift for a contest. The promotional activity took place in large stores and was presented by special hostesses. Every customer purchasing an ‘Omino Bianco’ laundry detergent box was given a scratch card. The exciting and desirable first prize of the contest was a trip to Australia! 

So in line with the theme and to raise interest, CIPI’s winning idea was a little plush animal to go with each scratch card – a kangaroo dressed in a white T-shirt with the brand’s logo, thus symbolizing the destination of the main prize in the contest.

This was a challenging project with short delivery times and price pressure: which CIPI fully lived up to: not only managing the high quality of the soft velboa plush toy, but also three colours, and of course ensuring that the kangaroo met all the necessary child safety requirements… 

The result was not only a very satisfied customer, but also delighted clients, plus great attention and a positive impact bought to the detergent brand… All in all: a very successful in store promotion campaign, combining great creative ideas and excellent execution.

Connecting People with Football

Jasani LLC, the IPPAG member from Dubai developed the following project for their client: Dhofar Automotive who are dealers in Oman for automotive brands as Jeep, RAM, CHRYSLER, DODGE& MOPAR. The request was for a promotional item to be used for a Road Show event.

Their priority, apart from the other requirements, was multiple branding on a single product. Considering the fact that Omanis love playing football and that many youngsters were expected to participate in the road show events: a football was chosen as the best way of bringing people together. Football is also mostly an outdoor sport, and most of the automotive brands concerned also represent adventure (e.g. JEEP, RAM etc.)

The final concept was not just any football, but a football with a pump, which can therefore be used anywhere: as a tool to connect people when used for a game and which easily shows all the brands as there are 32 individual panels (12 pentagons and 20 hexagons). Also, providing a pump to a value-conscious audience ensured that the football would be in use for a long time, thus providing higher return on investment.

Our idea was very well received and appreciated by the customer: and by the people who then got to use it for games!​

October 2016
The Hot Flask Series

As per tradition, Langhoff Promotion Philippines Inc., IPPAG’s representative, took part in the Philippines annual ‘Corporate Trade’ fair in July 2012. This is a unique opportunity for Langhoff Promotion Philippines to showcase their know-how and product ranges. Thanks to the opening up of European Wholesalers trading desks in Asia and their gradual experimentation of ‘direct China’ stock for their main product lines, Langhoff Promotion Philippines chose to highlight various promotional items from Xindao BV, a European wholesaler known for their exclusive, sleek and high quality ‘XD design line’.

One of the items showcased, was the ‘Bopp series hot flask’ – a series of matt-finished thermal flasks with a stylish Northern European design.

Due to strong interest at the fair, heavy inquiries on the Bobb flask series started flowing in during the third quarter, when most companies start planning their end of year Christmas gifts, materializing in significant orders from high profile clients who were seduced by the high-end range and its positive end-client perceived value: Globe Telecoms Inc., Acer Philippines, Marsman Drysdale Medical Products Inc., and Philippine Resins Industries Inc.

Langhoff Promotion Philippines are pleased to be able to develop this business area thanks to the increasing number of high quality European design products that are now available from China with smaller minimum order quantities. Previously, these items were not price-competitive in Asian promotional markets due to doubled freight costs and import duties. Due to client demand, Langhoff Promotion Philippines expect to increase their import business from European wholesalers, like Xindao, that offer Asia based stock of their product collections: making the promotions market and its product ranges truly global.

Videos within Catalogues

Video catalogues, one of the recent breakthroughs in advertising, are being dynamically promoted by IPPAG’s representative from the UK: Lesmar Ltd.

A recent example of a well thought out operation: Burtons Foods, the maker of Maryland Cookies, was in need of a new form of advertising concept: intended to be handed out to their customers to promote their new biscuits in supermarkets.

Lesmar enlightened Burtons Foods on the advantages of using video catalogues: a highly original and effective marketing tool. Using impressive catalogue designs, they uploaded Burtons TV advertisements and corporate videos. 

In order to prepare the launch of their new biscuit product, Burtons Sales Representatives brought the Video Catalogues to supermarkets and presented them. The campaign successfully ran from February to May 2013.

Supermarket customers were amazed by the video catalogues: giving the new products an impactful and memorable launch!

Football Club Promotion

For Toto, a betting company in the Netherlands, our IPPAG member Compacon, developed this retail promotion to boost the sales and attract consumers to their products.

Consumers were rewarded with a custom-made shoe bag when buying a betting ticket to predict the game results of football matches. A great incentive that really boosted their sales! The promotion was supported by promotional pens that were distributed in retail.
But in parallel, Compacon also developed a specific promotional operation to incentivise sporting clubs to promote Toto. Within the sports clubs, teams could sell the betting tickets to their members and the most successful teams were rewarded with this unique sporting set: a crate with 10 drinking bottles, the same shoe bags and 10 training vests.
A functional promotion that really activated sports clubs to participate and sell the Toto products!
The Mobile Print Event

Re-thinking promotional events?

Here’s the example of another groundbreaking achievement of MCS Kick&Rush, IPPAG’s representative from Belgium, as they worked in cooperation with the ‘Event Attitude’ agency to contribute to the successful launch of Samsung’s new tablet!
In the winter of 2011 and spring of 2012, the two companies organized a unique event called: “Samsung Mobile Print”. During this event, visitors were given the opportunity to design their very own tee shirts. Using the ‘Graffiti Wall’ application, each visitor could let their imagination run wild on the Samsung tablet’s interactive screen and then immediately receive a one-of-a-kind tee shirt with their own design. The same technique was also used on mobile phone covers.
Specialized in textiles, MCS Kick&Rush provided the tee shirts as well as the on-site printing machine and facilities. This unique printing technology is a great way to organize a real buzz during fairs and events: the technology can easily adapt to any situation/event allowing the printing of drawings on fabrics, caricatures on mugs or pictures on puzzles…
The numbers are impressive too! Lasting 8 hours a day, the ‘Samsung Mobile Print’ event took place during 20 days for each season: 40 days in total. On each day, 300 tee-shirts were printed which summed up to 6,000 tee-shirts for the entire event. That’s 6000 people who took home something to truly cherish: a sure win for all companies involved! 

July 2016
Cold Ice Cream in a Bag

Jasani LLC, IPPAG’s representative from Dubai, was invited by Baskin Robbins, one of the world leaders in ice cream, to produce a promotional item that would invite them into Middle Eastern families gatherings and celebrations.

Taking into account the Middle East’s topography which is mostly covered with desert, and the huge and extended families who love to meet together for picnics and outdoor parties, as well as the region’s extreme weather conditions especially during summer which make ice cream products totally unsuitable for outdoor celebrations: Jasani developed a specially made ‘super strength’ Ice-Cream Cooler Bag: able to fit a 5-liter family pack of ice cream and keep it frozen for a couple of hours!

During the production process, Jasani worked hand in hand with the client. Using a special material for insulation, the cooler bag’s cold temperature can be sustained up to 2 – 2.5 hours.  Also, materials are of high quality food grade standard, guaranteeing that the ice cream products are not only frozen but also safe to eat.

In addition, the cooler bags are lightweight, handy and fashionably designed making them perfect for family outings. On top of this, the bags were specifically designed to be relatively durable, so that recipients can use and reuse them for a long time.
Baskin Robins is so fond of Jasani’s specially made Ice-cream Cooler Bags that they been repeating this promotion every summer since December 2005.

Welcome On Board!

Lesmar Ltd, our IPPAG member in the UK helped Kellogg’s to put together a functional and motivational welcome pack for their new sales force members.

The winning idea was a specially made oversized Kellogg’s cereal box containing a well thought-out variety of practical items to be used by these new employees and serve as a sales incentive: a cereal bowl, a mug, an engraved spoon, a compact umbrella, a Parker pen and four varieties of Kellogg’s mini cereal boxes, not forgetting that all important welcome note from the Managing Director.

Lesmar’s sourcing and logistics expertise was instrumental to the success of this challenging operation: the packs were centrally assembled, with goods originating from 9 different suppliers.

The campaign has been remarkably effective, with multiple re orders of the ‘Welcome on board’ boxes: making this gift a key component in the integration of Kellogg’s new sales team members.

Customized Recycling Bin Promotion

To launch their new 1L recyclable PET ‘Zala natural spring water’ bottle, Pivovarna Union d.d., a Slovenian producer of beer and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, wanted an ‘instant-win product’: to be added to 6 packs of the 1L bottles and convey a compelling ecological message concerning the significance of recycling. This gift would be an essential part of the marketing launch of the new 1L PET bottles in key supermarket chains in Slovenia. And as with all ‘on pack’ promotions, strict price guidelines applied.

To meet the clients requirement, Axis Mundi, our IPPAG Cooperative member in Slovenia, customized their popular 3 piece set of recycling bins (‘Re3Bin’ for plastic, paper and glass) into a single plastic recycling bin. Like the ‘Re3Bin’, the customized version still has reinforced carrying straps, a cleverly designed lid and velcro strap allowing hassle free emptying.

To live up to their ecological purpose, the recycling bins are made of 140g PP woven fabric with mat lamination making them easy to clean and even wash. The chosen colour combination was white and green to complement the customers’ visuals and portray Pivovarna’s ecological commitment: resulting in an attractive environmentally-friendly and recyclable promotional solution.

The launch of the Zala 1L PET bottles was a great success, thanks to the 22 000 ‘customized Zala recycling bins’ that Axis Mundi created, produced and delivered.

Scrapers for Lottery Campaign

In 2012, the National Lottery of Mauritius, run by Lottotech Ltd., aimed to reach out to 38% of the 1.2 million population of their country.

Lottotech Ltd. requested Versopub Ltee, our IPPAG member in Mauritius, to help them find a practical promotional solution for this national marketing campaign: ‘QUICK WIN’: a card game that gives the players the chance to win instant money by scratching hidden images.

Considering Lottotech as one of their best clients, Versopub promptly offered the “Scraper”: made of plastic in the client’s own pantone color, with an imprint of the Quick Win logo. Players can use this scraper to scratch the playing cards.

The Quick Win campaign ran for 2 months at the end of 2012. For each game card brought by the players, they get 1 free scraper. Since the population of Mauritius is 1.2 million, Lottotech ordered 500,000 scrapers: a significantly enormous quantity: making this a promotion targeted at almost one out of two inhabitants!

June 2016
Self-Promotion - Tassprint Ltd

Prime Source, IPPAG’s representative in New Zealand, received an inquiry from Tass Print Ltd. for a promotional solution that would promote their full range of services to their customers, project a good "vibe" and at the same continue to be of use for as long as possible (hopefully until next Christmas).

The idea presented by Prime Source in conjunction with their customer Prestige Promotions was to give personalized Christmas gifts to Tass Print’s customers. The gifts revolved around the summer season, but with items that are actually useful during the whole year.

This was the origin of the ‘summer survival packs’ specially created for this operation! Each pack includes a well-presented mini-catalogue of services offered by Tass Print, a pictorial desktop calendar in a DVD case, a cap, sunscreen, a lip balm, mints, flip-flops printed with the 2013 calendar (6 months on each foot), and a backpack. All the items bear the client’s logo, except for the backpack: which was given a personal touch: printed with each customer’s first name.

The 500 summer packs were well-received by the customers who appreciated the summer theme and the usefulness of the items. These warm and positive feelings towards Tass Print sparked a greater interest in and appreciation of the company: even as the packs were being given out, customers remarked that they h

Ball bearing Solution

In August 2012, ‘Carl Christensen’ one of the major players in the distribution of automotive spare parts in Denmark, once again marked their position in the market by sponsoring and organizing the “Danish Grand Prix” in Copenhagen, and the “Classic Race” in the City of Aarhus. Among the classic tee-shirts, sweets and umbrellas they were handing out: they were keen to also have a distinctive and original promotional solution to be given to spectators in the case of rain. During past events, they had observed the close attention people pay to promotional items like these: and therefore wanted to maximise the impact of their operation with something useful and interesting.

The final idea for the event, chosen from many, is this fun and eye-catching “poncho ball”, developed by Langhoff Promotion A/S, the IPPAG Cooperative member for Denmark. The product: a transparent rain poncho enclosed inside an ABS ball shell, is a handy way to distribute rain protection for all participants, and know they will hang on to it: the “poncho balls” have a carabineer hook that can easily be hung on a bag or a belt. The ABS casing provides a great printing surface: with the ‘Carl Christensen au2parts’ logo blazing in red and white.

‘Carl Christensen’ representatives proudly handed the “poncho balls” to all the spectators of the event: and they really did come in handy when a sudden shower occurred: making them the most popular item of the event!

Synergy Spoon Campaign

In the early part of 2012, Nescafé Classic (coffee) and Coffee-mate (creamer), two Nestle Philippines brands launched a campaign to promote the synergy of the 2 products. Months before the campaign, they invited several companies specializing in corporate solutions to present new and original ideas that will help them achieve this objective.

After a series of presentations by all the invited companies, Langhoff Promotion Philippines Inc., IPPAG’s newly appointed member in the Philippines, won Nestlé’s approval with their innovative ‘synergy spoon set’ concept.

The concept comprised of 2 custom-designed spoons in red and beige representing the corporate colour of each brand. The spoons have curved ‘mug rest’ handles that form a heart when they are placed opposite each other: conveying the message that the two products form a whole.

To take things a step further and create optimal in-store impact, Nestlé and Langhoff Philippines carried out a complete in-store ‘synergy’ campaign. Both the Nescafé and Coffee-mate products were given special packaging with transparent windows revealing their contents: the beige spoons were placed with packets of Nescafé coffee, and the red spoons were packed with Coffee-mate creamer sachets. Perfect synergy: in order to make the perfect cup of coffee, you need both a spoonful of Nescafé coffee and of Coffee-mate creamer...

As with all IPPAG manufactured products, and thanks to the groups’ technical know-how, the spoons were compliant with all the relevant regulations: i.e.: the overall migration test for food contact, heavy metals testing, etc…

Nestle Philippines ordered 1 million spoons and ran the campaign during the 2nd quarter of 2012. They are now considering re-ordering an additional 90,000 pieces due to the initial campaign’s success.

Promoting Corporate Identity

Our IPPAG member from the Netherlands, Compacon B.V., faced a new challenge with Randstad, an international placement agency.

Randstad wanted to develop customized corporate giveaways reflecting their corporate identity. With Randstad’s mission in mind, “Shaping the world of work”, Compacon developed a line-up of gift sets composed of various business items: writing blocks, pens, notebooks with integrated calculators, digital calculators and coffee mugs.

The specific designs for all the items were developed within Compacon’s in-house graphic studio: following the client’s corporate identity and style. With reference to Randstad’s official website, items with a white base colour were chosen, with the client’s logo colour (blue) used as the accent colour for each design: small and subtle hints of blue in the packaging, on the edges of items, on the calculator buttons, etc…: resulting in a sleek and smart personalised look for the whole collection. In addition, each logo was strategically printed on the most visible portion of each item.

Due to the outstanding proposal and beautiful personalisation, Randstad purchased 5000-7500 gift sets as the promotion is still ongoing and scheduled to last until the end of the year. Compacon once again proved their ability to make the difference!

May 2016
Gloves for Every Hand!

SodaStream teamed up with the launch of the film ‘Ice Age 4: Continental Drift’ to promote its limited edition of machines, bottles and syrups. The well-known PR and Communication agency Fleishman-Hillard Paris team designed and conducted the “SodaStream Fresh Campaign”, featuring street marketing and social media activities.

The strategy consisted in creating a relation of proximity based on fun and pleasure, close to Internet users, Parisians and teens. The team wanted to make the concept “Freshness in summer” buzz in the streets in a very short time.

This buzz amounted to a 10 days event at La Villette – a park very well known to Parisian families- where the team built a short-lived ecological ice-rink and a SodaStream bar in an Ice Age 4 environment. People could take part in the fun for free, with special animations by Scrat and Sid, the much loved characters from the movie.

In order to promote this event and attract a lot of people, Fleishman-Hillard set up a large social and street-marketing campaign. On top of tagging the Parisian pavements with ‘trompe-l'œil’ ice stickers, FH Paris opened an official SodaStream Twitter account and organized a treasure hunt in Paris. Via pictures of Scrat and Sid posted on Twitter, Parisians could meet them in Paris and win SodaStream products. “Fresh and fun” gifts were hidden in big ice cubes. How to get them? By breaking the ice! In total, 55,000 “Fresh kits” made of mint candies and flyers were distributed in 4 notorious places in Paris and 75 SodaStream machines and syrup bottles were given out as prizes to Parisians.

FH asked French IPPAG member LAGARDERE for some ideas for corporate merchandise which could have an original and lasting impact during the event. LAGARDERE provided the customized mint candies of the “Fresh kits” but also a smart corporate solution for people to bring home good memories of their time spent on the ice-rink: ‘magical gloves’. These gloves are made with a unique fabric so they can fit any hand size. After sample approval, the pairs of gloves were produced and delivered within five weeks in customized polybags.

The overall campaign was a great success with 73,025 people exposed to tweets, 6,000 people on the ice-rink and 12,000 soda drinks served in the SodaStream bar. More than 100,000 people met Scrat and Sid in Paris.

For a better feel of the success of the event, watch this video:

Trade Union Collection

Another business worthy promotion from mcs Kick&Rush Belgium: when the General Federation of Belgian Labour (FGTB) needed demonstration and election preparation materials, mcs Kick&Rush lived up to the challenge and provided them with a remarkable “Trade Union collection”.

FGTB required that all the items should be highly visible to the media, especially to the cameramen in helicopters. Also, they specifically required that the scarves should be larger in size and made of softer cotton compared to those available on stock.

To ensure maximum impact, mcs Kick&Rush took into consideration, not only the above requirements but also two additional important issues requiring top level know how and professionalism: the client’s budget and the widespread distribution of such large numbers of items: laminated shopping bags (100.000 pieces), ballpoint pens (500.000 pieces), flag pens (76.500 pieces), Jona pens (300.000 pieces), trolley coins (500.000 pieces), sweets (more than 1 million pieces), silicone pins (20.000 pieces), pouches (15.000 pieces), fleece scarves (5.000 pieces), fleece hats (4.000 pieces), badges (11.900 pieces), stickers (92.500 pieces), metal keyrings (76.000 pieces), lanyards (68.000 pieces), and beach boxes (14.000 pieces): a very challenging and large scale operation!
In addition, all items were sourced in line with mcs Kick&Rush and the FGTB high ethical requirements: all necessary and relevant certifications including the EU’s REACh (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical) regulations for chemicals.
With 2.8 million pieces of 15 different items delivered on time: mission accomplished and very well executed!

Essar E-Compass Order

Essar Group, one of the biggest conglomerates in India were looking for giveaways in 5000 to 7000 units in very low price range - preferably between Rs. 35-45 per unit. These giveaways were for their biggest initiative: ‘E-Compass – Training the Trainers’ for the last quarter of 2011. They came to Gifting Ideas with a desire for unique gift options in this price range. Gifting Ideas successfully helped Essar to select the most suitable items, within the low budget and short time frame.

The biggest challenge faced by Gifting Ideas to execute this order was the lead time: Essar required deliveries within a week! Out of the 10 different ideas presented, 3 were selected: ‘Brown Belief’ (eco-friendly post-its), ‘Pencil Preserve’ (a set of 6 eco-friendly pencils) and the ‘Kleyn Machine’ (a keyboard cleaning device). All were co-branded with the Essar and E-compass logos in record breaking time and also wrapped with customized gift paper.

The hard work and fully controlled selection and production process paid off with 3000 units of each of items delivered on schedule. Another job well done by Gifting Ideas!

Putting an Edge on Corporate Fashion

For the early part of 2012, MCS Promotion GmbH developed a highly fashionable corporate apparel collection for DuPont Refinish, one of the largest automotive paint suppliers in the world.

The collection includes: a cap, T-shirt, polo shirt, softshell vest, regular softshell jacket and outdoor softshell jacket. Intended for use by DuPont Refinish employees and DuPont Refinish customers, each item has a special design and is made of special materials.

Usually, the major focus of corporate apparel is set on quality and functionality. For this year, on top of these important points DuPont Refinish placed a high priority on the aesthetic appearance—the collection needed to be developed on the basis of "stylish workwear" and in line with the overall merchandising collection with black and grey tones: making the clothes attractive enough to also be wearable by customers in their private lives, without feeling like a "mobile advertisement".

The first step was a layout phase in which MCS Promotion’s graphic designers prepared drawings of different possible shapes and colour combinations. After DuPont Refinish made their final selection, a series of prototypes was prepared in order to fine-tune material selection, quality appearance and last but not least: the style!

Just like any fashion collection, with such a strong focus on style, the whole operation took approximately 6 months to finalize. MCS Promotion received very positive feedback on this corporate apparel collection, and because of the unique layout and distinctive style, DuPont Refinish Japan also placed orders on the workwear softshell jackets. The initial produced quantities sold out completely in record time, and the second collection is currently being discussed.

April 2016
K-nine Collection from Kostici Yogurts

In order to enhance the sales of their children’s yogurt ‘Kostici’, Danone, the world leader in fresh dairy products, put together a themed sales promotion campaign called “home pets”.

iMi Partner A.S. responded to Danone’s request by developing the “Danone– Dogs” collection: with a separate sales campaign for the purchase of single packs and multipacks of Kostici yogurts.

For the multipacks, iMi conceived a range of finger puppets consisting of 5 different dog designs. Patrons of Kostici yogurt get 1 free dog puppet for every purchase of a 4-piece pack of Kostici yogurts. The idea promoted is to collect all 5 finger puppets: an incentive to buy more multipacks in order to complete the collection.

For single piece purchases, iMi designed the additional “Danone fridge magnets”, also featuring different breeds of dogs: representing all the letters of the alphabet… Each individual yogurt is sold with one fridge magnet and the idea is for clients to complete the alphabet.

A Helping Hand for Daily Chores

Compacon B.V. has developed another seemingly simple yet ingenious promotional solution! This time it’s for the home and garden industry, and the item is called 'Pack-Bag'. Intended as a “Do It Yourself” solution, this product is specially designed to give end-users a much needed helping hand to keep their trash-bag open and stand upright while being filled up. A neat way to carry out chores with less hassle.

What are the applications? In 2011, one of the Netherland’s primary import and export wholesalers of outdoor, leisure, camping, garden and sports accessories wanted a retail item to be distributed in the construction and gardening market.

Due to the clever and convenient design, and its usefulness, the product appealed on all grounds. Bearing the client’s logo, the Pack-Bag is now being retailed exclusively to EU market."

Cute Martians for Healthy Children

iMi Partner a.s. has been successfully developing great ideas for the Czech supermarket chain Walmark for several years: with unusual electronic toys for kids who take Walmark’s children’s vitamins.

In 2009, iMi Partner came up with the ‘Martian Spy machine’: an electronic children’s toy emitting the sound of Martian voices from far galaxies. In 2010, they created the ‘Martian Laser Pointer’: another electronic toy that projects five different Martian images.

For the 2011 Christmas sales promotion of Walmark’s children’s vitamins, iMi Partner once again proved their ability to conceive unique and fun promotional solutions. Using the same Martian image, they designed a very distinctive pen for children—with a green body and a round head: a Martian looking out of a spaceship window. The pen’s special feature is a built-in voice recorder with a 6-second capacity: with microphone holes, a ‘play’ button and a ‘record’ button. As with all toys produced by iMi and by IPPAG partners, the Martian pen respects all the relevant required European safety standards for including EN 71-1, 2 and 3, EN62115, EN61000, RoHs (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and REACh (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical).
Walmark Czech ordered 300,000 Martian pens and ran the promotion from September until December 2011. And like in previous years, iMi Partner’s Martian pen voice recorder rocked the Christmas sales revenue of Walmark’s children’s vitamins.

Customize your promotion!

June 2012—The Nestlé Healthcare Division in Spain unveiled the latest variant of ‘Resource’: a diet food supplement. This new version of ‘Resource’ was launched with new packaging: a smaller and more compact bottle, delivering the same results as the previous format.

In order to stage a momentous product launch, Nestlé required a promotional solution intended to be used in doctors’ offices, categorically reminding them of the new variant of ‘Resource’ and the effectiveness of the new product size.

Promosistem, the IPPAG Cooperative member for Spain, therefore designed various proposals matching Nestlé’s requirement: each proposal used the latest actual bottle packaging as the base design for the items. This customized clip holder came out on top.

The base design is, of course, the Nestlé ‘Resource’ bottle: with a magnetic cap that holds the paper clips. Each clip holder comes with 25 paper clips representing the three specific colours of medicine: yellow, orange and purple.

For the formal product launch, Nestlé’s campaign team held a series of meetings throughout Spain for 2 months, with numerous nutrition and digestion specialists, and specialized medical centres. A team of 32 health visitors successfully presented the new ‘Resource’ product to doctors and patients, while personally handing out this fabulous promotional item.

After the campaign, Promosistem was convened by the Nestlé ‘Resource’ campaign team for the final assessment of the operation: its perception by the medical crews, and Promosistem’s performance. They were thanked for a very high level of satisfaction of all involved parties and the strong product impact.

March 2016
Collect-a-Rosemount-cap’ interactive POS animation

Seeking to support the ‘Treasury Wine Estate’ with their aim to boost the sales of Rosemount wine, IPPAG’s Australian member Zinc conceptualized and produced a special vac-formed interactive POS (Point of Sales) unit used for collecting wine bottle caps, in collaboration with The Marketing Zoo.

The “Collect-a-cap” POS units were distributed to more than 350 bars across Australia. Each time a bottle of Rosemount wine was sold, the cap was deposited into the POS unit. The first bar to accumulate 150 caps got to win a major prize.

This sales incentive program not only resulted in the significant increase of the sales of Rosemount wine but also generated in-store animation at participating locations. And above all, apart from aiming at winning a major prize, the participating bars found the whole process very compelling, as it provided plenty of entertainment.

Safe and secure children's toys

Most buyers will know, when it comes to kids, finding fun ideas isn't the problem: making sure these fun ideas can be produced in the appropriate conditions, and with sufficient safety standards is... 

Like for all multinational companies, the conformity of promotional products, especially those for kids, is of utmost importance to Nestlé.

And like all IPPAG members, Kick&Rush in Belgium (, are specialised in designing and creating one of a kind promotional items, whilst complying with all relevant factory and product standards. 

Thanks to IPPAG's sourcing network which relies on 45 years of experience in the Far East, Kick&Rush were able to source the necessary ISO9001 certified and SA8000 audited factories for this project: 40 000 inflatable arm bands and 20 000 pool balls for young toddlers.

Under the regulations for toys and general consumer products: these great give-aways need to conform to EN71 children's standards, the plastics must be phalates free, and all substances must comply with European REACH regulations.

The result is not only a 'fun' product that will keep kids occupied and mums content during the summer months, but also a safe product, helping Nestlé to promote AND protect their brand.



Countdown to the Final

Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, signed a major sponsorship deal for three seasons with the Österreichischer Fussball-Bund (ÖFB) (the Austrian Football Association) for the main domestic soccer cup championship. The deal secured Samsung the naming rights of the championship, which is therefore known as the “ÖFB Samsung Cup” and the company’s logo is inscribed on the trophies. This goes hand in hand with massive advertising presence throughout the cup matches.

For the first Samsung / OFB press-conference, Mitraco, IPPAG’s member in Austria provided a very brilliant idea to Samsung: counting down the time until the cup final on the 20th of May, 2012. This was presented as a gift from the “Samsung FOOTBALL-Association” to all the attending journalists.

The ‘event-countdowner’ bears the Samsung logo and the name of the event, and comes in a credit card style. It has an LCD-display which shows a clock counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds left until the final. After it has reached its target time, the countdown clock can be re-programmed for a different event or used as an alarm desk clock.

The journalists were not only wowed by the press conference, but also carried home a great little gadget, making sure the championship and grand final event stayed at the top of their calendars.

Something for the family

Thanks to Gifting Ideas unique gift proposals, in 2011, Maersk Line managed their annual gifts to sailors directly from India rather than through their head office in Copenhagen for the first time.

In the past, Maersk Line used to give very common gift items to its sailors such as ties, women’s purses, etc. They contacted Gifting Ideas with a wish to do something out of the ordinary and that would appeal to all the sailors and their family members at the same time. The chosen focus was for the gifts to be high on utility, high quality and with impressive packaging.

Based on all the requirements, Gifting Ideas presented a combination of products that would be appreciated by the sailors as well as by their wives and children—traveltags with pens, travel plugs, portable speakers, powerful LED torches, toiletry bags, wrench tools, business travel pouches containing weighing scales, metal luggage tags, laundry bags and combination locksall inattractive gift boxes—animpressive range of products that gained Maersk Lines full approval, combined with the appropriate services: leading the operation to be repeated this years and hopefully for many more in the future…

February 2016
Door opening promotional campaign

“Quick thinking…fast action…great results!

When Goodyear took over Sava d.d., Slovenia’s largest tire maker, it became essential for them to convey to the latter’s previous business partners that doors are still open for them. Based on the slogan, “All doors will be opened for you in 2012”, Axis Mundi came up with the clever idea of customized car-tire-shaped doorstoppers designed with the most up-to-date Goodyear tire profile. The doorstoppers come in full printed packaging boxes with 3D door artwork all over them.

Despite the time allowance of just over a month from conception, Axis Mundi diligently delivered the end product on time which truly made Goodyear very happy, as they gave the items to their intended recipients as New Year’s gifts.”

Rugby world cup 2011

“The Rugby World Cup is one of the most important sports events worldwide. Last year (2011), for the events hosted by Mauritius, Versopub developed a very significant campaign for the Phoenix Beer Group. On top of generating sales, Versopub designed the campaign to provide value to their client in a way that would be memorable to everyone involved.

Phoenix Beer Group organized multiple events in numerous pubs around Mauritius. During these events, a specially designed set of merchandise, developed and produced by Versopub, was distributed to supporters. The merchandise included polo shirts and rugby headguards, which were proudly worn by supporters as they watched the matches. In addition, rugby ball shaped keyrings were handed out. All the pubs were full and Phoenix Beer Group doubled their sales. Only Phoenix beer was served during these events, no competitors brands were present.

Due to the tremendous success of the campaign, Phoenix Group were happy to make repeat orders for the private rugby parties they sponsor.”

Bosman character merchandise

Cheering up children with serious illnesses can be a difficult task but is nevertheless an important one.

Compacon B.V developed a unique character that was integrated in a wide range of merchandise products and POS material for Bosman Pharmaceuticals. The products were designed to bring joy to young children with diabetes. As a result, Bosman Pharmaceuticals succeeded in positioning their products (medicine and treatment materials for children with diabetes) in a friendly way:this concerned merchandise materials and also printed materials to accompany the treatment of young children’s illness.

The products revolved around the new character, called Binck, the icon for the Bosman diabetes products for children. These products included a diabetes diary, posters with the character Binck, supporting materials for the rest of the family (for example a certificate for the brother of the young patient who helps his brother treating diabetes) and many other merchandise materials.

The range of products was distributed in hospitals (to doctors and nurses involved in treating diabetes) placing Bosmans products 'top of mind'. The doctors and nurses (responsible for treating the illness) were more than happy to surprise their young patients with the special suitcase containing all kinds of supporting materials. Not only for fun, but also to help the children treat their disease.

The merchandise program is still running for the 2nd year, showing that it really helps Bosmanwith their product positioning and addressing the young target group.

This is areally good example of how cleverly developed merchandise can really help, not only to promote products, but also to comfort and inform a target audience.

‘Celebrating summer’

In 2011, CIPI SPA helped Calsberg S.P.A. with a reason to celebrate the summer.

To increase sales and stimulate repeated orders of Carlsberg beer, the company launched a very exciting trade incentive operation. Their sales representatives went to their customers: Italian bars and pubs, carrying “Carlsberg Summer Passion Beach Kit 2011” flyers. Customers were awarded with a “Summer Kit” for every purchase of two beer kegs.

Each “Summer Kit” consisted of: a pouch, two pairs of sunglasses, a bikini, swimming trunks, and a mesh bottomed beach bag.

CIPI’s expertise at creating specially assembled kits, composed of cleverly chosen products, with harmonious designs and colors, combined with their ability for speedy assembling and delivery: all contributed to the great success of the operation: customers were delighted with the ‘one stop’ solution: ready-made, pre-assembled kits, perfectly adapted to this summer promotion.

January 2016
Standing out in a crowd

Making an effective impact with a promotional give-away requires some creativity and originality: 

These specially designed hooded backpacks are another great example of this IPPAG marketing difference: 
why settle for a classic backpack when you could go for one that is sure to make its mark thanks to a well thought out and fun added feature?
It's all about the event, the target and the purpose: and how to stand out in a crowd...
These backpacks were exclusively designed by mcs Belgium for distribution by the National Lottery during the countries summer music festivals: 
and a Belgian summer can quite often be a rainy one: making these backpacks festival must-haves and giving them an unbeatable visual impact.
Celebrate In Style!

Gifting Ideas, India, have found the perfect gift for that extra special 'personal touch': This birthday frame uses your name and birth date to give you a unique summary of newspaper headlines and significant events from the day you were born. But that's not all: the 'birthday special' also gives you the meaning of your name, top movies and songs from your year off birth, the celebrities you share your birthday with and lots more (+ space for your own advertising message of course).

The idea has since then been snapped up by banks, insurance companiesand many others, as this gift truly establishes a personal contact and shows that you care. The people who receive this are both amazed and touched by the thought: this is a birthday present they will show to others, keep and cherish.

Lighten Up

What's the best possible way to promote a healthy diet brand of cereal? By hitting your target straight on!
The perfect solution found by CIPI, Italy for a well known brand of cereal was these branded digital scales.
A direct and bold way of saying that your product lives up to clients expectations: "Here's the proof: see for yourself"

Reviving a classic
The simplest of ideas can often have surprising potential: you just have to reveal it. And trends come and go, but some classics never fail:
These promotional pin-wheels are the prime example: a well known and much loved classic, whose popularity has been overlooked. Using the latest techniques, pin-wheels now offer an unexpected and original printing surface: with designs on both sides of 4 to 8 wings as well as on the wand: making them an optimal and versatile communication vector. Our IPPAG partner MITRACO in Austria recently unearthed this advertising classic and have revamped it for a variety of brands and events: children and adults alike are big fans.
Proof that thinking outside of the box sometimes requires looking back. 
December 2015
'Little Steps' Promotions

 In 2012, Axis Mundi d.o.o., the IPPAG representative from Slovenia, developed a custom made VIP gift for their client Acroni, which acknowledges their achievements and symbolizes their vision to become an as environmentally-friendly production plant as possible.

Half-owned by Russian investors, Acroni is one of the major players in steel manufacturing in Europe and is focusing on worldwide recognition. On their path to becoming the market leader, huge technological investments have been made over the past 20 years, focusing on technological improvements in their production methods to reduce air and water pollution, recycle raw materials and by-products internally and externally and abandon the use of corrosive acids. 
In line with Acronis’s endeavours, Axis Mundi together with their partner design team ‘Bergla’, custom developed a New Years gifts for their VIP clients: a set of steel dominoes telling their story of turning a very dirty production plant into an environmentally friendly one. The gift was composed of 28 domino plates (size: 70 x 35 x 5 mm), stacked on top of each other on a steel base plate and held together by two long screws. A printed cardboard sleeve was wrapped around the dominos, bilingually explaining the story of the individual pictogram pairs that were engraved on the plates. Each pictogram pair depicted one of the problems that Acroni had to solve during the process of becoming an environmentally responsible manufacturer (ISO 14001 certified). So when playing the game, players pair up complimentary problems (faced by Acroni) and solutions (implemented by Acroni) depicting 7 different environmental challenges. 
In line with their vision, Acroni also choose to encourage the children of their employees to enjoy and nurture natural habitats and gave each one of them a custom made sleeping bag, printed with a cartoon story of a little squirrel with its acorn and tree-hole home. The squirrel is a wide spread inhabitant of Slovenia’s forests and with Acroni's help it will stay that way.
Both gifts were very well received and Axis Mundi is already working on a new sequel for ‘end of year’ 2013 gifts with the same concept.
A Message That Sticks

There are incredibly effective ways to get your message across even with a very small budget: Thanks to Mitraco, Austria's National Tourism Association was able to hand out these tattoo postcards to fans during a ski race to promote the new skiing world cup season: The motto was 'Austria, where holidays are so close...'

The backside of the postcard features 'Austria flag' red tattoo strips for fans to show their support. This type of promotion is always bound to cause a stir: fans are helping you to take things a step further, by painting their faces and proudly wearing your message's colours.

Stick It On The Fridge!

How can you make sure your product and its benefits are right before your clients eyes?

CIPI, Italy, teamed up with Danone, to find the best way to draw clients attention to the calcium and health value of their Danaos yoghurt brand: This specially designed magnetic fridge board combines a useful notepad and pencil with practical information on recommended daily calcium intake levels: making the brand a part of everyday healthcare, right in the end-users kitchen.

The fridge magnet was given out as part of an in-store promotion to help launch this new yoghurt brand.

Promoting Natural Products With Natural Gifts

When looking for a gift to promote the sales of a new mineral water, Kofola in the Czech Republic were seduced by IPPAG member IMI Partner's offer of these wooden stone amulets.
Like the mineral water, these smooth wooden stones are a natural product, and what's more, are locally produced.
A product choice which blends in perfectly with the brands image, and gets a warm reaction from those receiving them:
Despite the relatively small cost of this type of gift, compared to overexposed plastic equivalents, these wooden stones have more 'soul'

November 2015
Set Up A Complete Collection

Kick&Rush from Belgium's collaboration with Q8 Motor oil distributors throughout Europe, is a perfect example of how each IPPAG member can serve you locally, regionally or globally.
The team efficiently managed the entire project from A to Z: creating a collection of personalised work-wear to be made available to every Q8 petrol station throughout Europe.
This involves designing the clothes themselves and agreeing on final versions, producing, stocking, and then managing the individual ordering and delivering process through a specially dedicated webshop:
work wear textiles available within a few clicks in each country.
A prime illustration of IPPAG's complete and unique fulfilment program capabilities.

Give A Little

Australia's Red Cross organisation wanted a 'little something' to reward blood donors, especially those making frequent donations.
The nationwide campaign focused on encouraging individuals to step forwards to help others: advertising featured the faces of both donors and receivers, along with the message:
'You will never know how many lives you have touched, but you have the assurance that many people are extremely grateful that your decision has made a life changing difference'
To strengthen the impact, Zinc, Australia, provided these printed badges: for first time donors and onwards, with the top levels (50 donations and +) becoming real collectors items.
A 'little something' to reward a big gift.

Celebrate with Customized Guitars

In 2009, Diageo, the world leader in premium alcoholic drinks, created ‘Arthur’s Day’: an annual musical event celebrating the birthday of Arthur Guinness, the founder of Guinness drinks (Guinness Draught and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout).

For the 2012 celebration of Arthur’s Day, Diageo organized an event to attract Guinness drinkers on-premises using the keystone of the Irish spirit: music.

With this objective in mind, Zinc Group, IPPAG’s member in Australia, made the following proposal to Diageo: custom-made professional acoustic Guinness guitars: a rather unusual but exceedingly impactful promotional idea. Each guitar was fumigated: an essential procedure to guarantee that the products meet Australian quarantine requirements, before being customised with decorative paint.

The promotion was launched nationwide in September 2012. During the event, the Guinness guitars were showcased behind bars, next to Guinness drinks displays in participating venues. To get their hands on a guitar, customers who purchased Guinness drinks were given entry forms to fill out and drop into the entry box. The highlight of the event was the lucky draw: designating winners in every participating venue.

October 2015
Chill In Style

We're all familiar with wine or soft drink coolers...
Versopub, Mauritius, gave their client the opportunity to offer something much more classy and unusual:
A specially designed champagne cooler: perfect for those special occasions, and a great way to share your clients romantic or celebratory moments.
For a high end chain of alcoholic beverage shops: this gift was spot on target and gained much client appreciation.

Rockfon ear protectors

Crystal clear message

Rockfon is a Danish company making sound insulating walls and ceilings. They wanted to attract more attention to the noise in schools to convince different counties to invest in soundproof materials: not your standard client request.

Langhoff came up with the idea of making soundproof ear protectors as a give-away to schools, emphasising Rockfon's message about excessive noise in class rooms.

Carry your wine wherever you go

The world's largest wine fair is held in Bordeaux, France, every two years (VINEXPO). With all the countries prestigious wines vying for attention, each wine producer and merchant engage in fierce competition to have the most attractive booth and to offer the most memorable experience.

For the association of Burgundy wine producers, Lagardere, Ippag's French member, came up with the perfect answer: something that would attract visitors to their booth and give them something to take home and reuse: The present is a unique neoprene pouch with a cut out handle for two bottles of Burgundy wine.Visitors were queuing up for them!

A Little Helper

It's not always easy to communicate with small children about health treatments, and the only way to do so is to put yourself in their frame of mind. This is the story behind the soft doll that Lesmar, IPPAG's UK member created for Hydromol, an ointment for treating dry skin and eczema. The doll which comes with its own velcro bandages, is used during doctors consultations to familiarise children with applying the ointment, and help remove any fear associated with the pain that can occur during this treatment. The bandages are removable and help to show the patient how and where to wrap the body.
Using this type of interactive 'role play' helps the children to perceive the treatment as a fun game rather than an ordeal, which is an important part of the healing process. A genuine way of caring which explains this patient aids popularity. The design of the doll is based on the pre existing Hydromol characters. Working from the brand's original drawings, Lesmar's design service adapted the designs to the doll version that was then created by the EN71 compliant factory.

September 2015
'Responsible' fun in the sun

Ippag's Belgian member Kick & Rush teamed up with L'Oreal to create some great beach products for their kids sun cream range. But this range of give-aways is NOT just about having fun in the sun.

Thanks to Kick and Rush's creative and technical solutions, L'Oreal were able to use these products to push an educational and responsible message.

The back of the tee shirt has a reminder of the basic rules to observe in the sunshine. And on the front, the sun shaped logo is printed in UV reactive ink: when the sun is strong, the logo changes colour: meaning 'put some sun cream on'!

Waste not, want not...

Rain ponchos have always been a popular item for outdoor events. Promotional Source, New Zealand, have given this item a new appeal: by offering it in a 100% degradable, recyclable and reusable material. With it's resealable clear bag, this lightweight, waterproof and compact poncho is ideal for sports events, concerts, car or boat, fundraising, golf, theme parks, tourists attractions and all outdoor events!

Party Time!

Ippag member Versopub in Mauritius comes up with fresh ideas for the launch of a new beer: a complete set of party items designed and produced in less than a week, to create the perfect chilled party atmosphere. All designs were done in house, based on the beer's lemon and lime green and yellow colour code: bob hats, lighters, pouches and lemon flavoured lip balms to compliment the beer's fresh summer taste. The crowds loved it and have made this new beer brand their drink of the summer!


August 2015
Say It With Flowers

Ever given someone a bunch of flowers and then realised that there is no vase at hand?!? Prime Resources in the US have been experiencing huge sales with one of their favourite new ideas for 2010: the 'flexi vase'

Ideal for an infinite number of businesses and occasions: from hospitals, to restaurants, to hotels, to administrative offices, the 'flexi vase' has proven to be not only this season's best seller, but a widely appreciated gift. The vase is made from non toxic PVC. It is flexible and shatter-proof and folds easily, making it a great mailing item. And the overall impression this item receives is that: "it's a perfect way to show you care"

Fun mascots

For France's national train company, Lagardere produced these perfect replicas of the company's new mascot: as a soft pvc keychain given to staff, and as a customised usb key for managers during seminars.

Making this type of figurine is a very precise and technical process as multiple moulds have to be etched and designed. All Ippag members work with experienced and creative design labs and specialised factories, and can therefore re create anything within your imagination! These mascots are a very effective promotional tool, as they use a persona to represent a brand not a logo.

'Red night' clubbing events for Johnnie Walker

Versopub, Mauritius, used their design studio to create these 'clubbing' items for whisky brand Johnnie Walker.

The collection of tee shirts, dog tag necklaces, shoulder bags and wristbands don't carry the Johnnie Walker name or logo. Instead they show a red outlined version of the Johnnie Walker figurine and the slogan 'Red night': subtle parallel branding that makes the collection fashionable and desirable, rather than a 'billboard' for the brand.

Shake it up!

With this novel design, Versopub Mauritius has the answer: a combo salt / pepper shaker + napkin holder to be sure to get your message across. Suitable for all food and beverage companies, airlines, events, restaurants and conferences.

June 2015
Celebrating Diwali
As a relatively new player on the Indian market, Volkswagen were able to hit their target thanks to Gifting Ideas, IPPAG's member in India (
Diwali or the 'festival of lights' is India's biggest festival and a traditional time to offer gifts: a perfect context for Volkswagen to impress and please potential clients.
To mirror the image of their cars, Gifting Ideas helped to combine the co-existing modern and traditional values of the brand by creating a specially made gift set:
Volkswagen branded gift items like key-chains, pens, card holders and desk items played the contemporary role, whilst great attention was dedicated to the choice of 'traditional' gifts: a selection of dried fruits and candles. These are a customary part of Diwali celebrations: candles are lit all over houses, and dried fruits and candies are offered to deities.
IPPAG members such as Gifting Ideas excel in offering tailor made cultural solutions to multinational customers.
Promotions From 'Outer Space'

IMI Partner, Czech Republic, continue to come up with wild and wacky ideas for Wallmark's 'Martanci' or 'Martians' kids vitamin brand.

Following up on their hugely successful voice changing megaphone, this season's give-away is an electronic amplifier to be used to detect voices from faraway galaxies!

As you would expect, this promotion was yet another huge hit with the kids. Promotions really do come in all forms and that's the beauty of this industry: thinking out of the box to find the perfect product for a particular brand.

Let's Get This Party Started!

The clients pitch: "summer and fun any time, anywhere..." This lead CIPI, Italy, to literally produce a 'bucket full of fun' for beer brand Corona's Spring Break campaign: Buckets were delivered to 100 top bars and pubs throughout the country to organise Spring Break party events.

And what do these mischievous buckets contain?  Having come up with a wild and wicked variety of party ideas and games, the final sets are guaranteed to heat up any evening with:a twister game beach towel, EVA airplane puzzles, fridge magnets, and PVC plaques.

Straight On Target!

Promotional items are tending to get more and more fun these days. MCS, Germany are spot on with this specially designed roll-able dartboard that they produced for DuPont: This was used at trade fairs and provided ample animation and a great attraction: a guaranteed attention grabber.

May 2015
Putting The Pieces Together

Using promotional items to interact with clients is a well established advertising technique, but there's a lot more roles that gift items can play! Take for example German insurance company Die Continentale: communicating about their values and company identity is important externally, but also internally:
They teamed up with Mcs Promotion, IPPAG's member in Germany, to imagine a prop that could be used in candidate interviews to show potential future employees the benefits and values of the company. The specially designed wooden puzzle that Mcs Promotion proposed fulfils this role and more: the puzzle highlights the company's main values: 'Security - Competences - Success + Profit - Personality' and explains the corresponding benefits. On top of this, introducing a game and puzzle based dynamic in an interview context, creates an interesting interaction, and makes Die Continentale's core values and 'reason why' argumentation very memorable.
A great example of how a simple item can play a much more creative and evolved role: used in the right circumstances, with the right message.

Shape It!

The popularity of usb keys as promotional give-aways or marketing material has been thriving for the last few years.
But to really make your mark within this massive influx of usb promotions, despite their wide variety and ever changing designs, you can't settle for the standard models that are flooding the market. You want to make something people will notice, use, talk about and keep?

With these specially moulded customised usb models, CIPI Italy has helped their clients make the difference: Minimum quantities start at just 500 pieces and the design possibilities are endless. Combined with high quality packaging, where you can also display your marketing message, these 'own shape' usbs really stick out from the crowd.

IPPAG members all work with group approved usb factories and can provide a structural study and cost estimation based on your model product.

Iconic mascots

Many successful ad campaigns feature an amusing and entertaining mascot that becomes widely recognized by the public: think Coca Cola's polar bear, the Budweiser frogs, or Energizer's bunny, and many more!
The strength of these iconic animal characters is that they forge an unparalleled and close connection with end users: they become household names and therefore great advocates for a brand’s marketing messages in all medias.
With this beautifully made teddy bear, thanks to Langhoff Promotion AS, the Danish food company Tulip used their well known TV ad campaign grizzly bear to create a great attraction directly on points of sale. The bear was positioned in supermarkets across the country, together with an SMS competition to win the bear.

April 2015
Coffee Cup Clip

IPPAG members also all pride themselves on constantly coming up with the most innovative and fresh ideas on the market. Sourcing new ideas and exclusivities is one our shared priorities, like this coffee cup clip holder, an idea from Kick&Rush, Belgium.

It's not just about new ideas, it's also about practical ideas, innovative AND effective ways to get your brand and logo remembered: what better than this coffee cup clip that will be highly visible on table corners and be sure to attract attention.

Packaging At Its Best

Argeta is a very popular brand of  tinned pâté with a variety of flavours, and with the help of Axis Mundi, IPPAG's member in Slovenia, rotating yearly marketing campaigns are created:
self-grow chilli pepper kits in winter for their chilly flavour, summer bags and fish themed keyrings for their tuna flavour, and a special 'back to school' operation for kids in Autumn. For this most recent autumn project, concerning the 'Junior' range: instead of simply creating a give-away, Axis Mundi decided to go one step further by designing a specially moulded tin case: this was sold directly in supermarkets containing 3 tins of 'Junior' flavoured pâté.
The tin case then doubled up as a pencil case and 'back to school' gift for kids. Combining packaging with a gift proved to be very popular and cost effective. The operation was expanded into neighbouring countries, and Argeta were delighted with the sales results and clients appreciation.

Corona Party Sets

IPPAG members have the capability of managing an entire operation from you from A to Z: Make life easier for yourself! There's no need to diversify sources and multiply problems: with IPPAG, you can channel all your operations through one unique, experienced and highly reliable partner.

Here's a great illustration with the complete party sets that CIPI, Italy, designed, produced, assembled and delivered individually for Corona. In just 40 days, CIPI put together these 'Winter Island' kits: bringing some tropical warmth to a selection of bars sponsored by Corona. Each kits 2 inflatable igloos contain: 1 printed poster, 5 printed tee-shirts, 30 stress balls and 5 pairs of ear muffs... and a guaranteed party atmosphere!

IPPAG: a one stop shop for all your promotional needs.



Counting down until Christmas...

Web based promotional solutions are experiencing an impressive increase in popularity and are positively appreciated by end users.
Viral web campaigns are on the rise, and not as complicated as you may think to set up.
Take IPPAG’s interactive advent calendar game, used by many of the IPPAG members throughout December: a fun and innovative way to promote your marketing messages, create momentum by giving away prizes, and strengthen relationships.
Don’t hesitate to ask your IPPAG partner for their advice on promotional web solutions: ingenious and effective ways of combining promotional items with a web campaign...

March 2015
Actimel folding hat

Actimel cares about kids, and after equipping them with warm gloves for the winter, their new promotion in collaboration with Cipi, Italy, is this practical and colourful foldable rain hat. To make sure kids will keep these with them at all times, the waterproof hat fits into a specially designed ball casing with a hook clip. The hats were given away directly in grocery stores to clients purchasing packs of the Actimel yoghurt drink, thanks to the pop up distribution display that Cipi also provided: an in-store promotion that was managed from A to Z.




Eurostar collection

Eurostar Belgium collaborated with Kick&Rush to create an environmentally friendly PET (recycled plastic bottles) collection of shopping bags and Union Jack umbrellas. These items contributed to a campaign promoting the quick and easy connection to London via the Eurostar: a shoppers paradise: 'London shopping just round the corner'. The nicely designed bag and umbrellas were a huge hit: bags in particular are proven to be one of the most effective forms of promotional merchandise, with recipients making use of them on a daily basis and in doing so, making a brands message highly visible in the streets.



Get Your Promotions Into The Street

Brands are constantly looking for new ways to reach their clients and in all areas of advertising including promotional items, the race is on to find innovative and fun ways to connect. Street marketing is on the rise and this also concerns promotions. But how? Zinc, IPPAG's Australian member offered flu medicine brand Panadol the perfect solution: by combining a simple yet targeted promotion: a hand warmer heat pack, with ingenious street placement:
The packs were directly up for grabs in specially designed bus stop lightboxes with 4 dispenser chutes.This places the promotion and its message right in the centre of the clients everyday context. Where are you most likely to be cold and appreciate a hand warmer in the winter? At a bus stop!

February 2015
Autopartner summer set

Relevant loyalty branding

Many Danes travel to holiday destinations every summer by car and the Danish garage chain, Auto Partner, wanted to use this opportunity to strengthen their relationship to their customers. Langhoff came up with a summer holiday kit consisting of a frisbee, playing cards, beach tennis rackets etc. The summer holiday kit was given to customers when they came in for a car inspections during the summer.

The value of the gift is by far surpassed by the value of keeping clients kids entertained during their vacation including the long car rides.

Have a little patience

Raising awareness and funds for charity has increasingly become linked to promotional items. By selling a small gift, charities are able to not only promote their activities and send a message, but at the same time are able to gain public support and raise funds.

A child protection charity in France, wanted to add a little something to the New Years cards they sell on-line and were seduced by the idea presented by Lagardere, Ippag's French member: by adding a small patience game to their cards: the double message: wishes for the New Year, and that caring for children requires love, peace AND patience had more impact.  And as with all Ippag items that are games or produced for children, every step of production follows the strictest child safety standards, in this case EN71.

Pichon Kun

Customer: DAIKIN
Year: 2009
The request: creating a line of items suitable to be given to fair visitors and events participants and sold in the client’s shop on line.
The answer: Two different sizes of the “Pichon Kun” plushes, the well-known water drop shaped character, testimonial of URURU SARARA air conditioning devices and a mobile strap in denim with a Pichon Kun dangler.
The winning idea: using a widely known testimonial, that spans its popularity in all targets

An Extraterrestrial Gift!

The Czech pharmaceutical company Wallmark market a brand of children's vitamins called 'Martanci's' meaning 'Martians'. The brand is really popular with children thanks to their fun advertising and the fantastic free gifts that come with a bottle of vitamins.

To push the alien theme a step further: IMI, Czech Republic came up with this very original and highly suitable gimmick: a voice changing megaphone, so the kids can talk just like the little green men they see in the vitamins tv ads! This great operation reached out of this world proportions, with 700 000 alien voice changers flying off the supermarket shelves.



December 2014
Furry and fun gifts for chilled vodka

Kick and Rush, Ippag's Belgian member, use the full scale of their marketing and design skills to create an original and quirky range of products for the Bacardi/Martini groups vodka brand Eristoff: 'the Vodka from the land of the Wolf'. Think of vodka: think of cold and snowy Russian nights.

The team made a huge selection of themed proposals and the following combination of items was chosen:

  • High quality snowboards with Eristoff printed layout: given to bar tenders for decoration, and used as prizes in a 'scratch and win' game for clients
  • Furry glass 'warmers' used to create a chilly atmosphere in bars
  • Specially designed ice buckets in customised colours with surprising 'wolf feet' clip ons: a humoristic reminder of the clients 'wolf' logo
  • Fashionable earphone set with fur bands: also used as prizes in a 'scratch and win' game in bars
  • Custom made and hip design furry messenger bags: also used as a prize

Branding for the 18-25's

Mauritius's MCB bank teamed up with Versopub, to imagine, design and create a line of give-aways for their 18 to 25 customers. Back packs and mobile phone pouches were chosen for this rather demanding target group, with a sleek black design associated with the bank's red and orange logos. The operation was a great success.

Creating a brand image from A to Z

By playing around with Spies Heckers usual graphics, the team at MCS Germany, left competition behind with a collection of eye catching and modern designs for the car paint brands promotional items. Creative branding solutions at their best: the result is fresh and inspiring.

Creative designs, but also technical know how: with the familiar and smiling figure of a Spies Hecker paint technician figurine and his perfectly miniaturised spray paint gun. A campaign that is highly focused on the brand and its clients identity.

October 2014
Keep in shape

What better way for an insurance company to send out a positive message to their clients? By promoting exercise and good health
Prime Resources, Ippag member is the US, lived up to this challenge by producing a special series of branded exercise bands for Anthem. The bands were distributed in agencies and were so popular a further 85 000 pieces were needed.

Promoting Book Sales

Promotional items don't have to be give aways. These designer book-ends by Prime Resources, Ippag's American member, were sold in the US's largest book store chain, Barnes&Noble. The original hand design was followed by repeat orders for a flower version reaching a total of 40 000 pieces rather than the 5000 initially planned. What better way to promote books, than with an item that will be used in customers households for decoration.

Go Vintage

How can a give-away shopping bag become a must have fashion accessory? CIPI Italy have found the perfect answer with this series of very attractive canvas shopping bags for the toiletries brand Borotalco. Using vintage prints from old advertising campaigns, the bags capitalise on the brands historical roots, whilst following the currently very popular vintage trend: using an old image to create a new one.

Playing Santa

How do you attract more clients over the busy Christmas season?

By teaming up with Langhoff Denmark, Sydbank invited children to come and hang their Christmas stockings on a wall. The stockings liven up the banks reception area creating a really festive atmosphere. The children and their parents are then sure to make a second visit to collect the stocking a week later, filled with small gifts from the bank like puzzles, candy, key rings etc.

A very personal and touching way to share the Christmas spirit with customers.

September 2014
Light for SkyMiles

For a client’s brand recognition campaign, one of Prime Resources distributor partners required them to come up with a useful yet unique promotional item. Taking all their criteria into account, Prime Resources opted for the ‘Robot Book Light’.

The idea was presented to their distributor partner in such a way that the end-user would not be able to resist being fascinated. First of all, the item is very useful, innovative and handy. And secondly, the ‘Robot Book Light’ will complete its intended mission by attracting more people to their services, and providing a daily eye-catching reminder of the brand.

A well- chosen and designed item, perfectly suited to the campaign: after a first order of 140 000 pieces and widespread success, a further 176 000 pieces were ordered and distributed to happy and receptive end-users.

3 in 1 Bucket

Give an IPPAG member a product brief and they'll come up with a unique and original way of answering it.
And the answer will often exceed your expectations!

The creative team at Kick&Rush were spot on when Bacardi asked them to come up with a novel way of presenting and serving their bottles in Belgium's bars.
The outcome was this 3 in 1 'king' of ice buckets: with special compartments for each bottle and a separate part for ice cubes. Clients attention should be on the brand, so the Bacardi bottle slot is enhanced with an LED light to illuminate the bottle.

Once again, this is creative and made to measure promotional items at their best.

Baci Perugina

Customer: Nestlé
Year: 2009
Purpose: Trade promotion.
The request:  to find a gift capable to render consistently the high quality of Baci Perugina Brand
The answer: a pile fabric blanket held in practical bag made of the same material
The winning idea: the choice of a useful, high quality item, made with a extremely well crafted personalization